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Thread: Editing Pictures in the Master Station

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    Default Editing Pictures in the Master Station


    I have 6-SCADA Servers communicating directly to IED's in IEC61850 protocol and 1-SCADA Master Server communicating to that 6-SCADA Servers in DNP3 protocol.

    Each of the 6-SCADA servers are of course has it's own picture diagrams, and the master server has all these pictures too.

    Question: I want that whenever we will change/updates the pictures in each of 6-SCADA Servers will automatically updates the master station pictures. What will be the configurations?


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    Just a short introduction of what is possible here:

    With zenon you can realize a hirarchy for your whole project. In your case you have the master station and the 6 stations below.
    If you put all these projects in one Workspace and run all projects in the zenon network you can move all 6 stations below the master station. In that case the master station acts as a client for these subprojects. You can open a process picture from a subproject on the masterstation project.
    When updating pictures in the subprojects the picture is automatic updated in the masterstation because it is a client from this subproject.

    Please refer to the online help how to realize such a project hirarchy in network.

    Online Help Chapter: Manual -> Network -> Configuration of the network -> Networkmodels -> Multi-hierarchical model


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