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Thread: Communication Details of IEC60870-5-101

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    Default Communication Details of IEC60870-5-101

    Hi dear experts,

    For IEC-101 driver, I need to show communication status of devices. At zenon editor creating new variable, there is option for plc marker or communication details. I have created variables from predefined variables for communication details, but they are not working properly. How can i get the status of communication? At IEC850 driver, I can get all details.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Communication Details of IEC60870-5-101

    The variable on your screenshot - with driver object type 'communication details' contains the number of the configured COM serial port; not the status of the communication.

    In IEC870 driver, while communication via -5-101, the indicator of communication problems are the status bit of variables. If variables have status bit INVALID then the communication is lost (or variable addressing is wrong); when SPONT or GI then the value of variable was received from the device.

    By default, the screen elements linked to variables with INVALID status have in right upper corner a small red square. You can see the status bits of the variable by right-click on the screen element where variable is linked - it opens the context info about the variable. The status bits you can evaluate by reaction matrix linked to the variable and e.g. define an alarm when INVALID.

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