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Thread: refreshing the variable used

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    michael_k Gast

    Default refreshing the variable used

    how can I refresh the values that changed by VBA?thus,when the values of varibale was changed the changed value in automatically way be refreshed in RT.

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    Default Re: refreshing the variable used

    when you write a variable value in VBA, this value will be send through VBA, through the runtime, to the driver. As the driver either reads cyclically or uses spontaneous communication, the value written by VBA should automatically be refreshed in the zenon runtime!

    Writing by VBA is the same process as writing directly from the zenon runtime.

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    michael_k Gast

    Default Re: refreshing the variable used

    I am obliged to execute VBA for internal variable that I've used.
    what do you think about this?
    how can I execute the internal varible automatically when the external variable is changed.(external variable is the type of spontaneous)
    both of these are in relation to each others.
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    Default Re: refreshing the variable used

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think you need to configure an allocation in zenon. The external variable is the source variable, and the internal variable the target variable. Each time the external variable changes, the internal variable changes as well.

    Allocations can be spontaneous, but can also be triggered by a third variable.

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