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Thread: Extended Trend Visual Options

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    Hi Dear Experts, I hope everything is okay for everybody in these bad days.

    I have some questions about extended trend. I am using Zenon Energy Edition and preparing a Electrical Substation SCADA.

    For Zenon, the client wants me to make zenon trend as like wincc trend. First one is Zenon and second one is Wincc. I checked functions, but I could'nt find my answer.

    I need some templates or functions for Trend, can you help about this issue?
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    Hi konsistek,
    thank you, we are doing well, just more of us (as usual) in home office .

    On the trend from WinCC i see two time axes (blue and red), both covers a period from the date 3/13/2008, but blue has label "Today", red - "Yesterday". It makes me a little bit confused .
    Is this to have on the single trend element few curves with data from two time periods?

    The templates of Extended Trend screen in zenon Editor are not to setup the trend area element, they are to insert in screen and arrange all useful screen elements, e.g. buttons too.

    It could be that in some of demo projects there is already a trend with similar design, I'm not sure. Else you can contact your COPA-DATA Support or Sales representative officially and ask for a sample project. Or order a Professional Service to prepare it according your wishes. 

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