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Thread: Kepware OPC to Zenon

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    Default Kepware OPC to Zenon

    Hello all,
    Iím  new into automation field . Also i didnt experience Zenon software before. Now i need a help from you all. I have a PLC with some readings and I have conected it into Kepware OPC. Now I need to display it in the Supervisory software Zenon. 

    How can i do that?

    I only have some knowledge by watching some videos in the Youtube. As per the videos i watched all we need to do is that create a new driver which connects with the OPC server here for me it is Kepware. Thats all i need to do?

    Anything else is needed for communication with them?

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    Default Re: Kepware OPC to Zenon

    In zenon there is driver 'OPC Client V2-0' - shortly called Opc2Cli32. The driver supports asynchronous communication to OPC DA 2.05 for reading and writing, with a local OPC DA server. The local OPC DA server means that this OPC DA server and zenon have to run on the same computer.
    More info you can find in zenon Help, in topics about this driver.

    The driver supports 'online browsing', so in zenon Editor, you can use this driver to create variables by import from the running OPC DA server.   

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    Default Re: Kepware OPC to Zenon

    Thank you sir for the information that you have shared

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