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Thread: Time Sync using MODBUS Variable

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    Default Time Sync using MODBUS Variable

    Hi guys.
    We don't have NTP. We need to sync time with DCS based on a trigger from dcs on 5 AM everyday. So DCS connected on MODBUS TCP will trigger bit called Time_sync everyday at 5 AM and when yhis trigger is received we need to set time in our runtime (windows based) copa data application for 5 am.
    Any one can help with the script for this please.

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    There are probably many ways to do this. One simple way is with a Batch or Powershell-script.

    zenon use the OS clock. You need to set the clock in Windows. It require Admin rights.
    Create a Powershell script for setting the time and call it from zenon with a function of type "Start program" in the Windows section.
    Trigger the function in limit values or a REMA for the Modbus-variable, "Time_sync".

    Best regards


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