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Thread: Unknown cause of Handle error messages

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    Default Unknown cause of Handle error messages

    This request compiles comprehensively all information of the previous request No. 8726
    Programming Interface / API > Add-In Framework > Unknown zenon Runtime error messages
    issued first time on 15.10.2019
    Author: M.Matejka,  21st Frbruary 2020
    SABO mobile IT produced a mobile Application „GLT“, according the requirements of Daimler, which interfaces Zenon. Daimler needs to know continuously about the value changes of all process variables of zenon instance simultaneously to obtain specific global aggregations and statistics based on this premise.
    This requirement could not be achieved by Everywhere API, because it deactivates values after 2 minutes. Therefore, for this purpose we developed an AddIn which activates and subscribes to about 80.000 process variables simultaneously.
    The problem:
    Daimler recently observes enormous amount (on the order of 10.000 per day) of error messages in their Zenon Runtime log, which are not explicitly annotated as caused by the Addin, but it does not appear when the Addin is not running. The screenshot of error log is attached for better understanding. The errors are all of the same kind “Handles exceeded error level to N” where N is never a constant value but oscillates between numbers 9000 - 18000.
    We do not observe any functional failure of the Addin otherwise. It works “normally”, just producing enormous amount of error messages.
    Support Request: 
    1.    Do you have an explanation for the error mesages?
    2.    What can we do to avoid or surpress them, without affecting relevant error messages?
    3.    If 80.000 activations is out of the expectable range of an Addin operation, is there an alternative practice you could suggest for the described customers' requirement? 
    List of attachments:
    ·      screenshot of relevant errors in Zenon logging
    ·      snippet of relevant errors from logfile
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails zenon-runtime-error-messages.png  
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    Default Re: Unknown cause of Handle error messages

    Dear Mr. Matejka,

    I would suggest to contact your local zenon support team for help with this issue.

    Please be careful with screenshots and log files if they contain sensitive or private data. This is a public forum.

    Best regards,

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