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Thread: determining the name of the variable to trigger the function

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    Default determining the name of the variable to trigger the function

    Hello together,

    I would like to know how I can access the name of a variable that caused a function to be started. I have got several boolean variables (import-variables from some sensors) that can either be true of false. I also created internal variables to count how long these sensors are sending a "true"-signal. When they turn "false" again I want to reset that counter. My problem is that I don't know how to archieve that. All these variables refer to one single matrix. So inside that reaction-matrix I want to link a function for the case that the variable turns "false". I dont want to create one matrix for each variable because there are way too many. My idea was to create a function via vba that automatically determines the name of the variable that triggerd the matrix. Then I could use that name to change the value of the related count-variables (which have similar names). Can somebody here please help me with that?

    Public Sub reset_count(obElem As Element)
    Dim countVar As Variable
    Dim sensorVar As Variable


    Set countVar = thisProject.Variables.Item("[...Name from the Code...]")
    Debug.Print countVar.Value
    countVar.Value = 0
    End Sub

    Best regards
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    Default AW: determining the name of the variable to trigger the function

    i dont think this is possible with a macro that is called by a function which is triggered by a reactionmatrix. You won't get the variable (name/object).
    Your code is a sub that gets an element as parameter. But what element will you use to call this sub? This only works with e.g. LeftClickUp Macros that are linked to an element. But you don't want to click on a element to call the function but this should happen automatically in the background. Or am i wrong?

    One way to achieve this could be nonlinear value calculation with VBA. In this kind of macros you get the variable-object on value change and can do something with it e.g. call a function or reset a variable according to the variable that changed its value.
    Have a look on Nonlinear Value Calculation and try. Depending on the amount of variables this macro will be linked to it may be not the best way (performance)

    If the variables that you want to watch have similiar names then it is maybe better to create an onlinecontainer and watch the value changes this way.
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