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Thread: Client / Server problem

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    stevegrice Gast

    Default Client / Server problem

    I've got a client instance of Zenon 6.22 sp0 build 0, connected to 11 servers providing data for an OEE system, each servers provides 4 variables to the client, which are monitored using OPC.

    The client has a main data collection screen, a button bar, and Event list.

    Whenever the runtime is started the data collection screen is displayed for a 1 second the a page of the most recently added server pops up. No functions are active, any ideas why ?

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    there can be many places in a zenon project where a function is called which is executed on the client.

    Please check your functions, and see the options for execution to check whether the function is executed on the current PC, or on the server or on the client (or a combination).

    You may also want to check the "AUTOSTART_CLIENT" script.

    If you use VBA in your project to call a function, and you don't explicitely evaluate the tpNetType in your VBA script, the function may be executed on the client as well.

    If you have a function linked to a REMA or a limit, for a local variable (e.g. internal driver or system driver variable), this may also be executed on the client (normally calculation of REMA and limits take place on the server, except for local variables)

    One thing you may want to check if this does not help, is use the cross reference list, and the functionality "function usage" from the context menu, to find out where your function calling this popup window is used.

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