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Thread: Logic Error - PLC utilization peaked at 156%

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    Frage Logic Error - PLC utilization peaked at 156%

    Hi all,

    I constantly see an error message on diagviewer for straton. Like "Timing configuration error. PLC utilization exceeds 80 Configured cycle time = 10260 us, maximum execution time = 16038 us, maximum PLC utilisation = 100". It is working some how but after couple week later delete all stored data on straton and start over again. 

    I couldnt find exactly how to slove it and what cause it. I increase cycle time but didnt work.

    Added below diagviewer output and screenshot 

    Does anyone know the reason or guessing it?

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Logic Error - PLC utilization peaked at 156%

    This log is a hint that the program you have written in Logic needs to execute your code sometimes at least 15ms, while is configured to be executed each 10ms. Another reason for longer execution time could be the data exchange (too many variable value changes per cycle) in one of your fieldbus drivers.
    If you do not need to debug you program - compile it as 'release' not 'debug' (project - settings - code generation). This will significantly speed Logic RT up. As next - if you have programmed more as only few lines of code - try out the post compiling with an external C compiler. This can speed up your code.

    If without debug information the execution time will be still higher as the configured cycle time - increase the cycle time to value bigger as your long term measured execution time.
    Note: the Logic with short cycle but cycle overflows is less performant as Logic with cycle long enough to avoid overflows.

    The User Interface window of Logic Runtime by default displays only the PLC load; and by button 'Report' press - the logging messages. But it can also display the current calculation time: for advanced statistic press shortcut Shift+Alt+A, for system latency Alt+S. Then also button 'reset statistic' appears and if you reset it - there will be no new log messages till next overflow.

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