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Thread: Reaction Matrix with status bit 53, Zenon EE v8.0

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    Default Reaction Matrix with status bit 53, Zenon EE v8.0

    I would like to include status bit 53 (T_UNSYNC) as status value in a reaction matrix, but i can only find T_INVAL amongs the 33 status bit that are available that is related to the time stamp. Is there a way to check if T_UNSYNC is = 1 and add an extra text the limit value text if so?

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    Default Re: Reaction Matrix with status bit 53, Zenon EE v8.0

    In rema the status bit T_UNSYNC will be possible to evaluate in (future) zenon 8.20.
    So now you can evaluate this status bit:
    - in zenon Combined-Element formula
    - in zenon Interlocking formula
    - in zenon API 
    - in zenon Logic - if you make the variable 'externally visible'. So, if you want to trace in CEL/AML that the IED informs that it is no more time synchronized, then you can create additional variable in stratonNG driver and change this variable value basing on result of the function VSIGetStatus (on an externally visible zenon variable).

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