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Thread: Remote Transport - stop /start not working

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    Default Remote Transport - stop /start not working


    I have a system where the remote transport is acting strangely... The 'transfer runtime files' is working fine, however the 'start / stop' runtime doesnt appear to do anything on the cleint (Although no error is logged on the server). If I manually launch the runtime on the client it works ok.

    Are there any other settings to be aware of? I assume everythings happen over the 1101 (default) port so if the files are transfered it cannot be an issue of firewalls etc.

    Client machine is using a different user account (non-administrator) so is it possible that somehow the runtime is being started under the wrong user context or in a different session ID? Is there any way to define which user context is used to lauch the runtime?

    I'm not currently in front of the system which has the issue, however will investigate further (check logs etc) when I can next attend site.



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    Hi Dave,

    The issue most likely, is with the remote transport service running in a different user session and / or user account and / or integrity level, as the zenon runtime. When the runtime is running in a different interactive session as the first transport service started on this system, or when the runtime is started elevated (as admin) or when the runtime is started in a different user context, remote start / stop and reload is not possible.

    Normally, the transport service is started automatically when the first user logs in to a system. When this user is not logged out and another user logs in and starts the runtime, the transport service is already running in a different user context and remote start/ stop and remote reload do not work.

    Generally, the zenon runtime and zenon transport service do not require administrator rights and run fine with a regular local or domain user.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Remote Transport - stop /start not working


    Thanks for the quick reply. I understand now that the 'Zensyssrv.exe' transport service is not actually being run as a windows service! As it launches under the 1st user accont to log in that may have something to do with the issue (the problem site in question is undergoing testing works, so may well have been logged in by different users at various times).

    I will confirm through use of process explorer what user is running the transport service when we see this issue.



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