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Thread: Two versions of program in parallel

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    Default Two versions of program in parallel

    Can I use two versions of the program in parallel? I have several old projects, I'm worried about their compatibility with the new version of the system that I am going to purchase.

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    Hello epenterh,

    It is possible to install and use multiple versions of the editor and/or the runtime on the same system, provided a license is available. An application called "startup tool", which is installed with the editor and with the runtime, should then be used to first register the appropriate version that is going to be used. This way you can keep different projects in the editor in their original version.

    The editor also provides compatibility options. When a project is converted to the latest version of the editor, an option in the editor still allows creating runtime files for a project, for an older version of the runtime.

    It is also possible to use a newer version of the runtime with runtime files compiled for an older version, without the need to convert the project in the editor.

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