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Thread: ALLANBNT driver

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    Default ALLANBNT driver

    Hello, can anyone help me?
    I am writing a Zenon application to talk to a SLC500, so I am using the ALLANBNT driver.
    I can't see how to directly access Digital Inputs/Outputs and Analog Inputs/Outputs

    I can see the options for Driver object type are:
    Datatable B binary
    Datatable F Float
    Datatable N Integer
    Datatable ST String
    Driver variable

    Is it possible to access directly DI/DO/AI/AO with this driver?
    Or is it something I need to set in RSLinx?
    Or should I be using a different driver?

    Thank you.

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    Frage Re: ALLANBNT driver

    How did you connect to SLC 500?

    Which driver did you use, what additional software from Rockwell did you use?

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    Default AW: ALLANBNT driver

    ALLANBNT is the Rockwell/Allen-Bradley RS-Linx Driver. It seems to need RSLinx Software from Rockwell. Have a look at the driver documentation

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