Hello ,

I faced some problem with the connection to a OPC UA gateway.

I have to connect 2 types of OPC server Throught this gateway: BR OPC Server and APPLICOM Server for siemens S7 communication.

I have made the driver communication and it work well for the BR OPC Server:

For the BR Server ; i did a variable import, i selected the variables and it's work well :=)
I have a Browse name like this:
/1:BR&.OPC&.Server_3&.0_V1&.14&.15/6:L10_BLOWING/6:InstantSpeedBpm > I see my value and all is working

But for the applicom siemens OPC server, when i do my import i can't import the exact Browse name so i have something like this:
I have no communication error when i tried to display this tag but i have no value (normal because i didn't put the right adress)
When i put the exact adress in my PLC
/1:APPLICOM&.OPCServer&.1/5:L10_BAND1/5B450.DBW0  I have an error message:

But when I go to my ua OPC client on the same computer, i found this value easily

I think there is a problem on the second browse tag but i'm not able to find how to resolve it .


Where is my fault.

Thank you very much for the reply.