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Thread: watchdog for IEC61850 device

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    Default watchdog for IEC61850 device

    Hi Mark!

    How can I create a watchdog for an IEC61850 device? I need to show it in the screen if the device is healthy or faulty?

    Will I create a system variable for this one?


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    jusufs Gast

    Default Re: watchdog for IEC61850 device

    you can use a pooled signal from 61850 unit, as example some Health Signal:
    If Scada setsthe I-Bit from this Variable, then you can alarm a communication failure (via Rema).
    Attention: the signal should be pooled, not send in a report !

    If you have a device with two communication interfaces connected to a ring, you can send a communication failure telegram over the functional interface, as example:
    CTRL/NETIFGGIO1/Alm1/stVal[ST] for one interface
    CTRL/NETIFGGIO1/Alm2/stVal[ST] for second interface
    If ring is broken, the device is able to communicate over the second way and send a Telegram of Communication Failure of the first device.

    You can use traffic light dynamic symbol with red, yellow and green status on a topology picture - see attachment.
    Red - Health has I-Bit set, green if NETIFs are'nt set and yellow if one NETIF is set.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails topology.jpg  
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    janlyndon Gast

    Default Re: watchdog for IEC61850 device

    Hi Jusufs,

    Regarding watchdog, if i want to monitor the relay hardware state in IEC61850 say if the relay is healthy/fails/hardware failure/power supply failure/ - is CTRL/LPHD1/PhyHealth/stVal[ST] sufficient to tell the status of that relay?

    Lossing communication to the relay will not tell if relay is Ok. It can be that the switch or cable is broken. Is there any way to monitor relay health status other than hard-wiring the relay watchdog contact to another device?


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    Default Re: watchdog for IEC61850 device

    from the scada point of view, you could implement the SNMP driver, to monitor the network path to the IEC61850 relay.

    With the SNMP drvier you could monitor the local PC. E.g. if the network card(s) have a link. You can monitor the switch with SNMP support, perhaps the port of the switch to which the IEC61850 relay is connected.

    If the IEC61850 relay supports SNMP itself, you can monitor the relay with the SNMP driver as well.

    Additionally with the SNMP driver you can monitor the pingstate, if the relayr responds to ICMP packages.

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