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Thread: Zenon Energy Edition general and Cyber security query

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    Lächeln Zenon Energy Edition general and Cyber security query


    could you please help me with below quires,

    • Whether Zenon has any built-in backup feature, what type or kind, how they are taken? is it possible to schedule the backup process?
    • Whether Zenon test and release qualified Microsoft (or other third party) patches to installed with Zenon?
    • Zenon product goes through any security testing during the product development phase. If yes, is there any official statement available what type of test passed?
    • Verify the statement: Zenon support redundant HMI networks and both HMI networks can be connected to Firewall/Gateway in order to be able to participate in routing to external networks
    • Verify the statement: Zenon has no restrictions on which antivirus product to be used or Zenon does not need to be tested against any particular antivirus product or virus definition file released

    Appreciate your support.


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    Not sure if you've seen the section of the manual which covers some of these topics? Look in the help files under 'Zenon Security Guide'.

    I have previously asked if there were any CD specific recommendations around server hardening etc... the guidance in the help file is good advice, but is quite general.. I think the underlying implication being that it falls to the system integrator to ensure that industry best practises are followed rather than "do this specific thing and you will have a secure system...".

    Personally I think this is probably wise from Copadatas point of view given then ever changing landscape of cybersecurity as they could be liable if you follow the recomendations but somehow your system is still insecure.

    I previously raised the question of if CD would ever create a standalone Linux Zenon 'appliance' i.e all in one operating system + HMI software with everything designed to work out the box with everything locked down. Not sure if this is likely to be something they could offer any time soon.

    Not sure if that helps...



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    Default Re: Zenon Energy Edition general and Cyber security query

    Thanks Dave for the input,
    Appreciate that. 

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