For now we have been in trouble to processing YANBU phase 3 project regarding IEC-61850 communications in SaudiArabia

1. a matter for phenomenon>>

We are communicating about 100~150 IEDs from one Server by using ZENON EE 7.2 ver.>>
While we are communicating ABB REF542 a problem comes up now, however when it works rightly the data is transmitting properly, too.

Though, When IED Power turn off or delete LAN CABLE 
it doesn't recover automatically.
RCB it can't be enabled.

2. test

We been repeated on/off three of(IED) at the same time, we recover them three out of ten times randomly.
And also the rest of 7 times it didn't recover
We need to check about wireshark capture and diagnosis log.
Attached File on email.

Zenon driver : setup status
Polling : 500ms
IP :

IED IP address>>>>>>

wireshark & logfile xgqKxUwFxMqF3YwFxb9KxU9axvlHrMrFqtqK6KwMxICFqJvaxu Zpoi4FxiCKoKmM4k0FA0S>>

I am looking forward to your quick response