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Thread: Hexadecimal to ASCII Coversion

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    Default Hexadecimal to ASCII Coversion


    Can we convert Hexadecimal input to ASCII output using standard block in Straton?

    e.g I need to convert '31 32 33 34' to ASCII as "1234" and likewise others.

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    The only way I know to convert the hexadecimal representation of a character to the character (Eg. 0x31 to '1') is to use two consecutive blocks:

    ATOH and then CHAR. ATOH will convert '31' (decimal) to 49 (hexa) and then CHAR will convert 49 to '1'

    But there is notghing ready to use for this usecase, you will have to create your own block (function or UDFB)

    All useful blocks you may need are all under the "Strings" folder, in the block's list (bottom-right of the straton/zenon-Logic Editor, while a program is open)

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