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Thread: Auto Load Recipe.

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    Default Auto Load Recipe.

    Hi all,

    I am using RGM for recipes. I want to know (if possible) how to auto load a selected recipe when the run time starts.

    The reason for doing this is because in b&r PLC they have configurable input output mapping (if emergency ip is assigned to Input 0 then in run time it can be changed to input 1)

    So when the Zenon scada run time starts it should automatically load a particular recipe which will have emergency assigned to input 0. This is one example in this case.

    Also is It possible to show User through Drop down menu since every time user has to logout and again enter the username.
    Zenon version 7.60

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    Hello nivish,

    For executing functions at start of the runtime you can use the zenon Autostartscript but i am not sure if there is a function to execute a recipe:

    For the user login i am not sure but i think there is no such possibility like a drop down list at the moment.

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    Tobias Ritschel

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    Default Re: Auto Load Recipe.

    Thanks a lot for the solution i will try it out.


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