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Thread: save Control recipe Id

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    Default save Control recipe Id

    I want to read and save the recipe Id in a varibale.
    Could you please help me.
    Thank you in Advance 

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    Default Re: save Control recipe Id

    Hi sgh66,

    I am not sure why do you need this number, or what particular number is the one that you need but maybe the "System driver variables", that save values related to the system, can help you. In this case, as you are talking about recipes, you should go to the ones related to the Recipes and RGM.

    Create a new variable and select the "Driver for system variables":

    Then click on next and select the Recipes and RGM:

    Then, all the system driver variables will be displayed. You can select the ones you need. For example, you have the number for the last read, the last written,

    Best regards,
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SysDrv.png   SysDrv_RGM.png  

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    Default Re: save Control recipe Id


    Thank you so much for your Reply, But I needed the Batch control recipe id.

    Unfortunately, These variables are related to RGM not Batch control system (I found the name of Batch recipe in Function parameters). 

    Thank you for your help.

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