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Thread: Using Zenon 8.20 variables in scadaAddin script

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    Default Using Zenon 8.20 variables in scadaAddin script

    I just started working with scada addins and came up with a little problem: I am trying to write a script that takes variable values that are already imported in Zenon 8.20 and send them to database. I tested SQL querry part of the script and it works fine. However it doesn't seem to assign variables correctly and I wasn't able to find a good example that shows how to properly do it. Can you please help me? here is the script that I wrote:

    using System;
    using Scada.AddIn.Contracts;
    using Scada.AddIn.Contracts.Variable;
    using System.Data.SqlClient;
    namespace IMM137
        /// <summary>
        /// Description of Project Wizard Extension.
        /// </summary>
        [AddInExtension("Your Project Wizard Extension Name", "Your Project Wizard Extension Description")]
        public class ProjectWizardExtension : IProjectWizardExtension
            #region IProjectWizardExtension implementation
            public void Run(IProject context, IBehavior behavior)
                // enter your code which should be executed on triggering the function "Execute Project Wizard Extension" in the SCADA Runtime
                IVariable Date = context.VariableCollection["(date variable name as shown in ZENON)"];
                IVariable Time = context.VariableCollection["(time variable name as shown in ZENON)"];
                IVariable Produce = context.VariableCollection["(Produce variable name as shown in ZENON)"];

                SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection("Data Source=MY_SERVER;Database=MY_DB;User Id=MY_ID;Password=MY_PASSWD");
                if (con.State == System.Data.ConnectionState.Open)
                    string q = "INSERT into [MY_DB].[dbo].[MY_TABLE]([Date],[Time],[Produce]) VALUES('{$Date}', '{$Time}', {$Produce})";
                    SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(q, con);

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    Default Re: Using Zenon 8.20 variables in scadaAddin script

    Dear lsimas3,

    why don't you use our built in SQL-Driver? There is no need for additional programming to forward process data to a database.

    And programming database connections can be quite tricky as, for example, possible slow connections or timeouts, can lead to blockings of your zenon system if not done right.

    Basically you need to make sure that the zenon variables that you are trying to use are advised before accessing it. Best practice is to create an online container for that.
    And database connections should run asynchronous in a different thread.
    For that an runtime service AddIn would be needed.

    Explaining all topics mentioned above in detail would goes behond the scope of this forum and I suggest to contact your local COPA-DATA representative to discuss options for service or training in this topics.


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    Default Re: Using Zenon 8.20 variables in scadaAddin script


    string q = "INSERT into [MY_DB].[dbo].[MY_TABLE]([Date],[Time],[Produce]) VALUES('{$Date}', '{$Time}', {$Produce})";

    Is $Date not the IVariable ?

    Does it need to be Date.getValue(0) or something like that ?


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    Default Re: Using Zenon 8.20 variables in scadaAddin script

    Felix, we've tried using imbedded SQL driver, but we ran into another problem: we need our tables to remain the same formatting as before, because they're already used to generate reports. SQL driver formats tables in its own way so using it would result in a lot of additional work. 
    Also, we've been using VSTA programming interface for the same "SQL insert query scripts" reason before, and we didn't ran into any problems.

    Roger, Thank you ".GetValue(0)" WAS the problem and now everything works just fine!

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