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Thread: Time Filter1 modify for touch screen application.

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    Unglücklich Time Filter1 modify for touch screen application.

    Hi all I'am using zenon supervisor edition 7.60 and in that i have to print historical AML report and for  that i have used "Absolute Time Filter" when i click on the filter button a keyboard appears and i'dont know how to disable it.

    Secondly since its a touchscreen panel the fonts are very low and not suitable for touchscreen activity to apply a filter so for that purpose i created a screen "TIMEFILTER_ABSOLUTE" under time filter screen property and replaced it with the time filter1 screen.

    When i click on the filter button the screen appears blank. i am also attaching a short video for better understanding.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails setting.JPG   time filter.JPG   t1.JPG   TIME FILTER 2.jpg  
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