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Thread: PRP in a SEL computer

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    Default PRP in a SEL computer

    Hi Support,
    We want use COPA-DATA PRP Driver in SEL-3555 computers. SEL computers will run ZEE servers and clients.
    I see the manual and you said COPA-DATA PRP only works in Windows 10 (and other old versions), but the newest SEL computers runs Windows Server 2016 (for our ZEE server) and Windows 10 IoT (for our ZEE clients).
    Could we use the PRP driver?.


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    We use the Win 10 IOT version of SEL computers and PRP does work. Unless you really need Windows server for some reason (eg running domain controller etc) there shouldn't be any reason why you can't use a Win 10 IOT box as the Zenon 'server'.

    Be aware if using the SEL 3355 that if using the SEL provided addtional network cards that the the SEL driver does not support jumbo packets / setting MAC address (the onboard Intel driver however does)... therefore you can only set up the PRP driver on the 2 'onboard' ports.

    This has been raised to SEL who are thinking about adding option for cards with Intel chipset / driver. Otherwise you may have to purchase intel PCI cards seperately yourself.

    I havent tried Server 2016 so cant comment on the specifics of that.


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