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Thread: Unencrypted connection

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    Default Unencrypted connection

    Hi guys,

    I don`t know exactly what is the cause of a problem, but when I open a VNC session to comp with Zenon 8.0 RT app on, a message "Unencrypted connection" is showed out, and after I launch Zenon RT, a sort of a fire sign appears in the command line menu (see enclosed screenshot).

    I that has something to do with Zenon settings or it`s just another Windows 7.0 issue? Thanks for help in advance!


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    Idee Re: Unencrypted connection

    Hello banpr1,

    For the VNC connection i cant say much because you probably using one provided by your it department. But the task with the fire symbol looks like an alarm in the zenon Alarm message list if you acknowledge that alarm the task should disappear.


    Tobias Ritschel

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    Default Re: Unencrypted connection

    Hi Tobias,

    Thanks for the hint. I thought that the fire symbol is about the unencrypted connection. VNC is not the matter.



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