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Thread: Connecting to a Modscan in same computer

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    Default Connecting to a Modscan in same computer

    If I want to establish connection to a modscan32 software residing in the same computer as Zenon Server, what setting in the Modbus Energy Edition Driver?

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    Welcome to COPA-DATA Forum.

    Modscan32 is a MODBUS Master so that the MODBUS_ENERGY driver cannot connect to it. Regard that zenon MODBUS_ENERGY and MODRTU32 drivers are MODBUS masters as well.

    Nevertheless, in zenon there are two options that can be used as Modbus Slave:
    1. zenon Process Gateway Modbus Slave.
    2. zenon Logic Modbus Slave Fieldbus.

    You can find more information in the respective modules configuration:
    1. Manual > Process Gateway > MODBUS Slave
    2. (zenon Logic online documentation) IEC 61131-3 Programming Environment > Drivers - Fieldbus configuration > MODBUS networking

    Good luck.
    Best regards,
    David Cerdeira

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