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Thread: Unknown zenon Runtime error messages

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    Default Unknown zenon Runtime error messages

    Hello COPA-DATA,

    i am writing because we are getting some unknown error messages in log. It is possible somehow connected with the
    our AddIn. The AddIn receives some Http requests and maybe this could be important information. Please let me know if you have 
    more detailed information about this type of the error messages.

    Thank you for your time. 
    Best regards tvsvoboda
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    Default Re: Unknown zenon Runtime error messages

    Hello tsvoboda,

    this message indicates that the handles ( that are used exceed a healthy limit.

    What does you AddIn do exactly?
    Is this message appearing from just right after runtime start or after a desired time?
    Maybe you are creating a lot of new objects and are not deleting them properly?

    How big is the zenon project itself? Tags, Screens, etc.?


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    Default Re: Unknown zenon Runtime error messages

    Hello COPA-DATA,

    I apologize for the longer inactivity but I had to deal with this problem for a while, but I would like to dedicate myself to him a little bit now.

    I guess the problem could be connected with the fact that the our zenon project has tens of thousands of variables that we put into the online container at the beginning of the addin launch and we read their values and we never remove it from the container. Do you think it could be in this?

    Thx for cooperation
    Best regards

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