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    Morning all,

    For various project related reasons I have a requirement to have 2 separate Zenon projects running on 2 different pairs of servers. It was orignially going to run using a multi-project with integration project etc, but now there has to be a cleaner split between the 2 sites.

    There is still a requirement however for certain screens to show some indications from the project on the 'other side'. Having considered options it seems like the best solution is to use the 'remote runtime' driver to achieve this.

    The only issue I can see is that the remote runtime driver only allows for a single IP address to be defined for the remote end. As our system will use redundant servers I'd like to know what the best way to allow for this would be? I imagine I could set up 2x remote RT driver connections and then also use the ADP driver to select between the 2 remote points? Is there a cleaner way to do it using just the remote driver?


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    Hello Dave,

    I believe your solution is feasible and can be implemented, but I still think is best to use the native zenon multi-project constellation: it fully supports redundancy, allows sharing the complete object model, not only variables, is error prove and it is much easier to maintain and develop in future.

    Note that the integration project can be a completely empty project, so that it just makes the "virtual bridge" between the two sub-projects that require horizontal transparency.

    Thank you very much.

    All the best,
    David Cerdeira

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    Thanks for the feedback David.

    We have opted to keep projects completely seperate as a measure to ensure that it is in no way possible to control one project from the other site.. by using remote runtime and only mapping certain digital inputs it allows us to keep this separation without having to build in addtional engineering controls and to keep the project structures as straightforward as possible. If we used an integration project there is always the possibity to change the 'start project' and then see the project from the other site and therefore control it (we dont use different operator passwords for the 2 sites).

    I had just wanted to check there was not a more efficient way to take the values from a 'remote runtime' where redundancy is used. I had considered using process gateway instead, but this adds another layer of complexity as both the 2 projects already have process gateway connections for upstream communication to control centre.

    The other possible drawback with the remote runtime that I can see seems to be in the 'status' of the variables. I need to test more, but it appears if the source varible (on the remote server) is invalid that the variable read by the project connecting to remote runtime does not keep the invalid bit... is there anyway to ensure that the status is maintained using this solution?

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