Morning all,

For various project related reasons I have a requirement to have 2 separate Zenon projects running on 2 different pairs of servers. It was orignially going to run using a multi-project with integration project etc, but now there has to be a cleaner split between the 2 sites.

There is still a requirement however for certain screens to show some indications from the project on the 'other side'. Having considered options it seems like the best solution is to use the 'remote runtime' driver to achieve this.

The only issue I can see is that the remote runtime driver only allows for a single IP address to be defined for the remote end. As our system will use redundant servers I'd like to know what the best way to allow for this would be? I imagine I could set up 2x remote RT driver connections and then also use the ADP driver to select between the 2 remote points? Is there a cleaner way to do it using just the remote driver?