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    Hi all,

    I´ve got just a short question:

    What is the role of ´thisProject´in Zenon VBA editor? What is the main difference between moduls and Zenrt32 Objects?
    I didn´t find anything about it.

    Thank you!

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    Dear adamnadasi,

    Welcome to COPA-DATA forum.

    Macros which should be executed in the zenon runtime (zenrt32.exe) must be programmed in thisProject file (@Zenrt32_Objects folder). These macros are used to help the operator with extended functions in the runtime.

    Code Modules contain macros and functions that run when called from other macros/classes (e.g. ThisProject, Modules, etc.). They are used to organize the code and macros in organizational folders. It is possible to add new Modules as needed to a project to organize and run the code.

    For example, when adding a new macro in the Macro List (Project -> Programming Interfaces > Macro List > Module*) a new module is automatically created in the VBA project -  this will be called automatically in the runtime when required. Self-made modules can also be added to the VBA project by right-clicking on the VBA Editor project tree (Insert option).

    Good luck.

    Best regards,
    David Cerdeira

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