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Thread: Screen Type specific functions

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    Default Screen Type specific functions

    Is it possible to find out what the screen type specific functions are doing ?
    Ie what variables they are writing etc
    I would like to effectively do what set procedure does in the recipes screen type.

    In the editor when i dbl click on the element I see that the write recipe function is linked
    but how can I find out what this is doing ?


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    Default Re: Screen Type specific functions

    Hello rogar_novarctech, 

    there is actually no way to look into the functionality of screen specific functions in that case. (counts for any other screen specific function as well) 

    Are you referering to the screen type "Standard Recipes"? 
    As far as I am aware the write recipe function basically writes the configured set values of the selected standard recipe. 

    Please check out the API method SendValues which might be the functionality you are searching for:

    I hope that helps. 

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    Default Re: Screen Type specific functions


    Its possible that I could use SendValues but what values does it send
    it takes no parameters ...

    I have the recipe name and I can find the associated recipe in the StandardRecipeCollection
    but how do I use this with SendValues ?

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