i would like to sent the write request to a PLC device to change the status of an external variable to REVISION.
We found in documentation for the AddIn only the option to SetValue for an IVariable. This option works well for
the internal variables but for the external variables which communicates with the real devices it does not.

At this point we try to do that with the following piece of code:
variable.SetValue(variable.GetValue(0), newStatusInt, DateTime.Now.Minute, (Int16)DateTime.Now.Millisecond);

By definition it is understandable that these external variables do not have writable a value, so question is:
Is there any option how to change just the Status of a variable?
Because probably the command SetValue is denied by these variables.

Currently it works for

  • internal variables after checking “State / Timestamp for Intern Driver variables” option in runtime setting
  • internal variables after added the parameter to editor’s project.ini file (in zenon 7.60)
  • external variables, but only in simulation mode and with checked option “Write set value”

But it does not work for external variables linked by the drivers to real devices.