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Thread: Runtime freeze on event-triggered recording operation

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    Default Runtime freeze on event-triggered recording operation


    I have developed a C# program to read data from CSV files and register variables data in the historian. I canot use the Zenon drive to read my CSV files because they have a diferent format from what is aceptable by the Zenon drive.

    Everything is going perfect except the fact that when the C# program is executed by Zenon in the runtime it freeze during 2 to 5 minutes (depending on the number os CSV files it is reading). Normaly te number of files to be read is from 10 to 20.

    I'm using an event-triggered recording type operation to archive the values when reading it from the CSV source files. The number of values registered everytime the c# program is executed is something arround 2000 divided by 7 diferent variables. Registering consecutively 2000 values based on event-trigered operation can be the reason of the application freeze? Should I reduce  the number of values registered in each operation ?
    Thanks in advance for any help and eventual sugestions to solve this problem. 

    Best regards,

    Carlos Martins

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    Default Re: Runtime freeze on event-triggered recording operation

    Dear Carlos Martins,

    every zenon API call needs to be synchronised to zenon main thread. And those API calls are quite slow (up to 10ms).
    So doing a lot of those calls in your code is very likely to cause the freeze.

    So please make sure to reduce this calls to as least as possible in your code or try to use a different approach to get this values to zenon archives.
    Maybe converting the csv files via c# and read it then by the file driver could be an approach here.

    Also using archives with SQL evacuation and importing the csv files directly in the DB would be an approach.

    Another solution could be to use zenon logic in combination with rda archives to parse the csv files and forward the values to a zenon archive.

    Best regards,

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