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Thread: Process gateway_iccp_configuration

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    Default Process gateway_iccp_configuration

    Hi All,
    Process gateway ICCP below details were not updated in help, Can anyone clarify

    1. General tab-->Server -> VMD specific, Domain Specific
    2. Server Variables-->Available for ICCP-->Object type-->Device object

    I cannot able to get a proper documentation to get a idea and how to configure and use this options

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    The zenon process Gateway ICCP was enhanced in zenon version currently in development which will be release in the future. But zenPG ICCP was then ported down (and tested) to currently already released version(s). Thus the new options are available in product but will be officially documented in Help of the future release (documentation files are updated only by main releases, not in a build).

    Ad. VMD- or Domain specific
    The ICCP protocol bases on MMS protocol (is IEC60870 mapped to MMS, similar like IEC61850). The MMS defines two kinds of name oriented mapping, called there (and visible e.g. in Wireshark) 'VMD-specific' and 'domain-specific'. The ICCP standard recommends that VMD-specific is to use when data (i.e. variable values) are mapped directly to the process, and the domain-specific when to some internal (virtual) image. In the beginning zenPG ICCP was using for data (variables) the VMD-specific object references, as ICCP objects are linked to zenon variables - typically direct in process. And to store (dynamically created on request remote ICCP) data sets and transfer sets controlling spontaneous communication - the domain-specific (they exist only in the memory). 
    But on the market there are vendors who implemented in their ICCP products only domain-specific MMS references. Therefore we added the domain-specific option. We did it first in the ICCP-client; as the client puts the received data typically in internal variables. And shortly we add this option also in ICCP-server. 
    The options have impact only on MMS mapping (minor difference in structure of the MMS frame); not on values or behavior. Setup these options according the manual of your remote ICCP, if remote system is not documented - use default (VMD) and change eventually if you see in Wireshark that the remote system is sending domain-specific or refusing VMD-specific requests.

    Ad. 'Device object'
    'Device object' is in ICCP terminology used for commands. So in zenPG ICCP-server these are variables to receive the command value (from remote ICCP-client) - value of an Direct Operate request.
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    Default Re: Process gateway_iccp_configuration

    Hi Ursula,
    Thanks for your prompt reply

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