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    Hi All,
    Now we are planning to design a project for Australian utility, In order to select hardware and software , networking devices we need to know the Zenon limitations.
    I have tried to get the data in help unfortunately I cannot find it anywhere

    1. How many variables can be added in a driver..?

    For example I have 100000 Variables - 

    1. How to select the hardware - RAM SIZE, OS, Processor, NIC, Swicthes ?

    2. How much signal Zenon driver/runtime/process gateway can handle-SPS/Second, MV/Second ( With Archiving, Alarm, Curves)

    3. What is the processing time of a Variable in runtime & process gateway ?

    Prasanth S

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    The operating system is Windows (in Help: Manual > Installation and updates > System requirements).
    I hope you understand that as independent software provider we are not advertising particular network interface cards or ethernet switches.
    The resources consumption and performance depends very strong from the content of the zenon project - so what is engineered in Editor. Thus it is not possible for us to provide measurements and numbers which would be valid in general.

    We did (partially) relevant kind of tests last time in 2014 (version 7.11), i'm attaching result report (PDF). In newest 3 zenon version releases (7.60, 8.00, 8.10) we were improving the multi-threading in the zenon Runtime, thus the results in 7.11 are not up-to-date anymore.

    Currently we are working on setup the 'Max Variables' test covering as well data acquisition based on IEC61850 protocol (or generally spontaneous communication) as the transfer from zenon to upper systems via zenon Process Gateways (IEC60870, DNP3 etc). The results and recommendations will be available probably in 2-3 months.

    General hint: zenon projects are scalable - you can create in a project many instances of a driver (e.g. single driver for a PLC); and start many process gateways, if system allows gateway instances the use of different TCP ports.
    If one PC would turn out to be not enough performant for the project then you can split the project to few, running on few PCs (few zenon Network servers) but available all together on each PC in zenon Network - which are then network clients and are starting an integration ("roof") project.
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