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Thread: Convert phase to neutral value to be displayed as a 3 phase value

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    Default Convert phase to neutral value to be displayed as a 3 phase value


    I have been looking at how to take a received 61850 single phase voltage value which is all the BCU that the contractor has provided and need to display on the over view the 3 phase value for the engineer.  In the past substation the BCU's have always done this calculation and the all the single phase and 3 phase values have been includeing in the dataset and then reported within the uBRB.  so have not had to calculate this just use the correct variable to which displays the engineering value as repoted by the BCU.

    Can anyone advise on how i can get Zennon to convert this and display the 3 phase value. 

    Ideally as simply as possible 


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    Default Re: Convert phase to neutral value to be displayed as a 3 phase value

    If BCU is delivering only the summarized voltage (probably summarized measurement to the ground?) then it is not possible - mathematically - to calculate each phase voltage separately.
    When some unknown a + b + c is e.g. 110kV, and you only know this 110, then to calculate a, b and c is impossible.

    If in the data model of this BCU there are data objects and data attributes with the phase voltages, e.g. */PhV.phsA/cVal.mag.f[MX], *PhV.phsB* and *PhV.phsC*, but only not included in an existing data set in an available RCB, then you can try to define a dynamical data set and assign it to a "free" RCB instance. But not all 850-servers are supporting dynamical data sets.

    Check if you can browse (create via online import) such variables in zenon. If yes, then even without Reporting the iec850 driver will acquire values - via Polling. If polling (the periodical read, e.g. each 1s) is not the solution, then in driver you can try to create a dynamical data set. The driver will propose you the possible data set members according the list of zenon variables. Then you have to assign this new data set to some existing, but not used, RCB instance. 

    Anyway, the BCU may refuse to support it, and then you have to inform the Utility (or BCU responsible) that configuration/abilities of BCU are not fulfilling the system demands. 

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