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Thread: VSTA VB.Net not working when start from Startup tool

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    Default VSTA VB.Net not working when start from Startup tool

    Dear Team,

    In one of our IPC VSTA(VB.Net) is not working whenever we are starting the runtime from Startup tool or Runtime short cut(not working in both 32 bit and 64 bit)
    But, If we start the runtime from Zenon editor VSTA is working perfectly.
    I would like to know which settings needs to be done/reason for VSTA not working start throgh Startup tool(I assigned the proper RT path in Startup tool and ensured that same RT is running in Runtime and communication to the PLC also heathy)

    I started the VSTA throgh ProjectAddin.
    Zenon version 7.60

    Kindly give the solution.

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