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Thread: Hysteresis on Historian Archive

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    Default Hysteresis on Historian Archive

    Hello Everyone,
    I have a question! 

    My IEDs send to Zenon 8.00 some cyclic measurement (2s) from field and I use this data for trend graphs.

    To preserve data storage and archive of server (10 years average life of the plant), I would like to save the data on archive only if they break a max-min value.
    I'm not interested to collect all data sent cyclically but I want to show only main data with an approximative interpolation for trend graph and archive it on a txt file with timestamp.

    I can set up the archive only with cyclic time and with a trigger variable.

    How I can do it? There is no option to set a simple hysteresis? I need to use straton ?

    Thanks everyone

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    a hysteresis for archiving can be configured for each variable in the variable properties.


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