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Thread: Cyclic driver information

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    Update time for IEC61850 driver is set 100ms by default it cannot be change.
    In zenon help file i have found information regarding cyclical driver. Help file Screenshot attached.
    Can you please tell me list of the cyclical driver in zenon. How to recognize whether driver is cyclic or not.

    Thanks & Regards,
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    Dear rahulindore05,

    The IEC850 driver is a spontaneous driver so that its global update time is fixed and set to the minimum cycle time allowed in drivers: 100ms.

    The IEC850 polling time is configured per server connection and can be found in the dialog below.

    Further remarks:
    - If it is not possible to change the global update time of a driver, this means that the driver has spontaneous communication.
    - You can find more information about the type of communication supported in the respective driver data sheet. For example, for the IEC850 driver this information can be found in the documentation topic Drivers > IEC850 > Datasheet.


    All the best,
    David Cerdeira
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    Hello David,

    Thanks for the information.


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