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Thread: Zenon6.INI file corruption

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    The configured Zenon6.ini file is corrupting or going to default configuration at the time of unexpected shutdown of PC.

    Please give me a solution.


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    Dear Kameshwaran_Subburaj,

    Why do you think that zenon6.ini file is corrupted or changes back to defaults? 

    Normally, zenon6.ini file is not open/accessed permanently so that an unexpected shutdown of the system should not trigger the reported behavior.

    Please check Windows configuration or other applications that can restore the system volume automatically to a previous restore point in case of an unexpected shutdown of the system.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    David Cerdeira

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    Dear David, 

    I have configured RT*settings (Frame size) in zenon6.INI file and it was working fine after configuration.

    As I mentioned before, after the unexpected shutdown of PC, this configuration is erased and I observed that it went to default configuration.

    I hope you understand the situation and please help me out.


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    Dear Kameshwaran_Subburaj,

    thank you very much for sharing further information.

    As written before, please make sure that the zenon6.ini file is not restored back to a previous version by Windows or any other software automatically if there is an unexpected shutdown of the machine.

    For instance, you can find the different versions of the file available in the OS as shown below:

    Thank you very much.

    All the best,
    David Cerdeira
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