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Thread: VBA macros not appearing!!!

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    Default VBA macros not appearing!!!


    When I try to make a new “Execute VBA macro” function in zenon 7 none of the macros are showing up under the list of options.
    It does give me the full list of macros when I’m editing one of the buttons I created for my screen, so I can’t figure out why it won’t show up when I’m making a new function.

    Any help is appreciated!!
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    Hi justsmile212,

    The VBA code that you want to execute through a function, needs to be placed directly in "thisProject" section. When you want to pass parameters into the macro at the function, the number of parameters defined at the function must match the parameters of the macro.

    VBA macros you see at the button are located in the moduleElement section and are based of events triggered by the button.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: VBA macros not appearing!!!

    Even I am having a similar kind of issue, please can anyone help me resolve the problem I am very frustrated now as I am not able to find the solution on the internet.

    Thank in advance, Regards
    9AppsVidmate APK
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    Default AW: VBA macros not appearing!!!

    Are the macros declared as public? You can only trigger VBA macros via function that are declared as Public Sub ...

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    Default Re: VBA macros not appearing!!!

    Macros that take arguments are not visible in the macro box because there is no point in having them there. If they need arguments to run, they cannot be run from the macro box because there is no way to supply an argument to the macro in question.

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