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Thread: How to open 7.60 workspace in 8.10 editor?

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    Beitrag How to open 7.60 workspace in 8.10 editor?

    Hello everyone,
    I'd like to ask what is the proper way to migrate the whole workspace of projects from zenon 7.60 to 8.10? 
    Currently I have both Editor's versions installed on my machine (7.60 and 8.10), I have also prepared workspace backup in 7.60.
    I was trying to restore 7.60 backup in 8.10 editor but it shows an error window that workspace cannot be restored.
    I was also trying to open workspace directly from folder but in this situation no project was opened and zenon states that database cannot be imported.
    How can I open this old projects in newest version? Maybe I am doing something wrong 

    Thank you in advance for your replies,
    Best regards

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    Default Re: How to open 7.60 workspace in 8.10 editor?

    In 8.10 create a new workspace and import projects - one by one - from project backups created in 7.60.

    You can also in new workspace open existing 7.60 projects, but then the 8.10 workspace creates automatically project backups in 8.10, not in 7.60 environment. Then, when you would want go back to 7.60, the editor in 7.60 could refuse to restore backups created in 8.10 environment (even when they are 7.60). Anyway, also then it is possible to in 8.10 restore the automatically created backup and refuse the conversion; and then open this previous, backup version of the project again in 7.60 workspace.

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