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Thread: Pointers in Zenon

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    Is it possible to make indirect addressing (pointers) to PLC variables? I would like to use an internal or PLC variable which contains the address of the variable value I need to access.  I cannot use the substitution functionality because I do not want to declare all the variables in Zenon due to the large amount of them. What alternatives offers Zenon?

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    Dear q1883,

    that is not possible to achieve or recommended at all as in a SCADA/HMI environment the addressing of the PLC variables should be configured and fixed in the engineering station(s), not in the servers (runtime level). Note that represents a potential risk to system safety (although I am not an expert in cyber security). On the other hand, zenon drivers load the database information at the start of the driver/runtime so that this cannot be changed after dynamically.

    Technically, the Editor supports a very large number of variables (basically it depends on the processing power of the computer) so that this should not block engineering anyway. On the other hand, in 8.10 version it was implemented very strong performance enhancements that allows to manipulate several thousands of variables in a workable time. Bellow there are some figures (please consider them as a very raw and approximate information only):

    Editor startup time -> 40x faster then older versions
    Duplication of variables (10,000 of 500,000 variables) -> 7.5x faster
    Optimize grouping (sorting/filtering) performance of the variable list (100,000 of 500,000 variables) -> 600x faster

    Thank you very much.

    Note: Moved thread to zenon Supervisor Topic.

    All the best,
    David Cerdeira
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