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    Hello Team,

    In One of our project i got error message "Archive XX Data could not be read completely Please set shorter time period" at the time supervisor runtime is on.
    The message is keep on coming after clicking "ok". This project is running perfectly from last 9 months,the error is coming from yesterday onwards.
    We tried the same RT files in another system there is no error message coming in Runtime.
    Zenon runtime version 7.50.

    I want to know reason to solve the issue. Kindly guide us.
    Please find attached screen shot for reference.

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    Hi SwamyP,

    this message indicates that the amount of data you are trying to load is to high for your actual configuration.

    You can
    a) select a shorter time period
    b) try to make use of aggregated archives
    c) increase the limit for data loading

    I suggest to go for either b or a if, possible as this should have no side effects on memory consumption and system performance.

    For c you'll find an entry in the file project.ini called "SPEICHER=".
    Please see our manual section configuration files for details.


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