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Thread: not able to select/find database of sql

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    Default not able to select/find database of sql


    I am having a query of creating historian reports that while creating reports in the sql database ,data link properties i am not able to select/getting data base on the server, even though my server name is correct.

    Not able to access SQL in zenon 7.6 during creation of historian/reports please let me know if any sol
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    it seems that you are trying to store process data in a zenon engineering DB.
    From a system architecture point of view this is bad practices and I strongly recommend that you use a separate DB instance for storing process data.

    I guess that your windows credentials have not the proper rights on this DB. So please make sure that the credentials you provide have the proper rights.
    As this configuration can contain sensitive information I suggest to further discuss that directly with your local COPA-DATA support and not here in public.


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