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Thread: Cel values datag storage feedback

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    Hi ,
    I have this unique request from my client where as he wants to have a feedback if possible that Cel and Aml data is being saved in the hard disk.
    Basically he wants to know if possible that historian data should be saved or record every time when archive start function is executed.

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    there are zenon standard functions for exporting AML or CEL data into a i.e. CSV file.
    Are you looking for that?


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    Hi Felix,

    Actually what has happened is that many a times a batch was started and when it got completed it was found that no data was logged in the report viewer or some data was missed (as reports were blank) so what my clients want is that if data archiving doesn't start when the batch is started he wants to generate a popup which will give a message such as "Data not saved" .

    Sorry for my ignorance but is there any limit for SQL database, because many a times we get complaints that if SQL database limit is exhausted it wont save any data.

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    if there are limits on the SQL database depends on the database you are using.
    For Microsoft SQL Server you can find the information on MS website:

    In your described case we have to distinguish between the case that the data has not been recorded or if it is simply not showing up in the report.
    In the second case there could be some issues with your filter settings while the data recording works fine.

    How are your archives configured?
    How are your reports and screen switch functions configured?

    I suggest to contact your local COPA-DATA support, inform them about the discussion here and also include a backup of your project and also some project data for further analysis.

    In archive configuration you can also link a status variable which could be used for monitoring if data is recorded to an archive or not.
    AML and CEL data is always recorded.

    Best regards,

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