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Thread: Can't install Zenon 8.10

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    Default Can't install Zenon 8.10

    Hi, do you can help me? I can't install zenon 8.10.
    screen -

    button for install "zenon Editor" is disabled.

    In begin I was need to change my zenon version 7.60 to 8.10, but when I install zenon 8.10, it don't work.
    Don't work Demo license/

    Then I try to full delete Zenon 7.60 and Zenon 8.10, clear registery and re-install zenon 8.10, but dutton is disable(

    How I can Install it now?

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    Default Re: Can't install Zenon 8.10

    Hi xxxd0nixxx,

    For the screenshot and what you are telling us, it looks like zenon was not correctly uninstalled from your system. There must be still some files that makes the setup think that zenon it is already installed but, without more information, it is hard to know.

    I suggest you to contact your local support, so they can go further on the investigation of the issue.

    Maybe you can send them the result of the SIC tool, so they can have more information about the actual situation of your system.

    Best regards,

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