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    You have some questions regarding the sound for alarms, the version of zenon used is 7.10

    First is a project and its subproject:
    The project is a central A and the subproject is a central B.

    What the client requests is the following:
    The sound of the alarms between the exchanges must be differentiated, that is possible with the function, but the sound of the last alarm always remains, for example if the last one was an alarm of the central A only sound A will be heard, and if then an alarm occurs in the central B, only the sound B will be heard. They want is that both sounds can be heard and that the sound can be stopped independently, I mean that with a button you can stop the sound A and with another the sound B.
    It is possible to make this configuration and in what way or in any case if this can be done only with a last version of Zenon indicate it.

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    Dear walt24m,

    Thank you very much for your post.

    Please find a solution based in zenon Logic running on the two projects.

    In this case, zenon Logic monitors if there are active alarms on two areas (Central A && Central B) and toggles the respective PlayTone variable to execute "Play audio file" in both areas "simultaneously" by limit. In this solution the two alarm sounds can be played/stopped independently.

    For play with the project, simply start the runtime of CENTRAL A (+ CENTRAL B) project and trigger/halt the alarms of the respective areas.

    Good luck.

    All the best,
    David Cerdeira
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