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Thread: Proces Recorder: Highlight changes

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    Default Proces Recorder: Highlight changes

    I have a functional process recorder module, and i want to highlight the changes that happen in the replay mode, like is seen in the youtube video (, in 3:30, for instance.

    I am testing the status bits, like alt_val, net_sel or COT, but i canīt get to work everytime or like it is shown.

    How can i achieve this?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Proces Recorder: Highlight changes

    This highlighting of switch under operation is done already for the Runtime in "normal" mode, is nothing special only for Process Recorder.
    These combined-elements representing switches are evaluating the variable status bits about command execution (like NET_SEL, PROGRESS of response variable or COTx of relevant action variable). What you see at 3:30 in replay - is what exactly the operator has seen on the screen while it was for real.

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