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Thread: Network Authorization for Users

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    I have a total of 4 systems in a network, I would like to block the execution of breaker commands from the other 3 and only assign oneSystem for the execution. How do I use Network Authorization or is there any other way I can achieve this?

    All the 4 systems use more or less the same Database.


    Joyel Jose

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    Are you using the zenon Network? so when you talk about "4 systems in a network", do you mean one zenon project running on a network server PC and 4(?) additional PCs which are network clients?

    And if not, so you have 4 different zenon projects (?) running in the same network and controlling the same IEDs (devices) - why like this? Why not the zenon network?

    In zenon Network, the module Command Processing takes care automatically to allow command actions on a particular switch (represented by response variable) only from one network client. This handling bases on status bit NET_SEL (more in zenon help: Manual > Status processing > Status bits > Selected in the network [NET_SEL]). In additional you can use 'Authorization in the network' feature if you want to prevent the operation on the whole feeder bay while one operator controls one of switches there (more in Manual > Network > Authorization in the network).

    If those "4 systems" are not all zenon, but from different manufactures, then the only way to exclude parallel operations would be some kind of interlocking or additional data points with info about running commands - implemented in IEDs (in devices); because only this would synchronize the information for all controling systems.

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